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Pugalis, L., Swords, J., Jeffries, M. and Giddings, B. (forthcoming) “Toonsformation: renegotiating city rights and city roles” chapter in Davoudi, S. and Bell, D. (eds) Justice and Fairness in the City. Policy Press: Bristol.

Link to accepted version

Jeffries, M., Swords, J. and Messer, S. (2016) “He Catches Things in Flight: Scopic Regimes, Visuality and Skateboarding in Tyneside, England” in Lombard, K-J (ed) Skateboarding: Scenes, Sites and Shifts. Routledge: Abington

Swords, J. and Jeffries, M. (2015) “Tracing Post-Representational Visions of the City – Representing the Unrepresentable Skateworlds of Tyneside.” Environment and Planning A


Swords, J. (2014) “Norwich skateboard ban is wrong” (28/10/14) Opinion piece in Eastern Daily Press about proposed skateboarding ban in Norwich

Link to EDP

Jeffries, M,, Messer, S. and Swords, J. (2013) Playing Outdoors: The importance of the city as a playground for skateboarding and parkour. Bank Street Occasional Papers, 30.

Link to open access version

Jeffries, M and Messer, S.  (2012) PlayToon | twenty twelve. Northumbria University: Newcastle upon Tyne.

Jenson, A., Swords, J. and Jeffries, M. (2012) “The Accidental Youth Club: Skateboarding in NewcastleGateshead.” Journal of Urban Design, 17 (3), 371-388

Link to open access version

Jenson, A., Swords, J. and Jeffries, M. (2010) “Geographies of Skateboarding – Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead, UK,” Human Geography, 3 (3) 147-150

Link to journal

By others

Flipping Skateboards, Flipping Maps

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