The Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

NewcastleGateshead Late Shows 7 PM – 11 PM, 13th & 14th May 2016

Open 11 AM – 4 PM Tues. to Sat. 17th May – 2nd June 2016

Produced and curated by Mike Jeffries, Sebastian Messer and Jon Swords

Departments of Geography, and Architecture and Built Environment, Northumbria University

en_counter is an exhibition of mapping and related artwork which provides insights into NewcastleGateshead’s geographies. It forms part of a two year research project, supported by Juice Festival, examining how young people understand the city, their place in it, and their vision for the future.

The academic team have collaborated with artists Christine Egan-Fowler, Ben Jones, Jessica Dolby and Adam Goodwin to provide mapping workshops in schools and youth groups. The maps from these workshops reveal hidden worlds and perspectives on the city, and have prompted the artistic responses which form this exhibition.

Click here for a gallery of works displayed at the exhibition

The exhibition guide is here (pdf 3.4mb)

The Sanctuary

In the Sanctuary we displayed works which use maps to highlight multiple version of NewcastleGateshead.



The Vestry

In the Vestry visitors were invited to join in and map different aspects of the city.