The exhibition is up!

Mapping 6 copy

The ‘before’ shot

On Thursday last week we spent the afternoon installing the exhibition at the Core (a massive thanks to Fiona, Matt and the team there who were really helpful). We’d printed the panels and copies of the maps (actually we did that twice after we missed a bunch of spelling mistakes), then mounted them before taking them down to the exhibition space.

We erected seven a-frames to hold the work, and then dithered about the precise layout of them, what to put where and how best to use the light. The space is excellent and benefits from a wall of massive windows which provide fantastic light.

Maps of gold

Some last minute mounting of the golden maps was required, but these amazing with the light shining off them. The gold leaf acts to obscure and highlight parts of the city centre simultaneously.

We’ve got two big maps produced by the year 8s at Walker Tech, and once mounted they have taken on a more vivid character. The messages they contain are bolder and they sit well against the professionally produced panels we 6 blog 3

Maps produced by groups at Walker Tech

The exhibition is up at the Core until Friday 30th October, then on tour at schools.

The Launch

Chris Batstone introducing the exhibition
Chris Batstone introducing the project

We had a special preview and launch of the exhibition for teachers and other invited guests. Traffic in the city centre delayed a few people, but there was a real buzz around the exhibition. Some of the sixth formers from RGS attended and eagerly took picture of the stuff they and their friends had produced.

Chris Batstone kicked proceedings off with a welcome and enthusiastic support (for which we are very grateful). Then Mike took to the stage and explained what we’ve been up to in the pilot, and what we’re planning next. Both Chris and Mike did a great job and plenty of teachers were keen to be involved (phew!).

A summary of the project so far is available here, and one specifically for teachers here (if you want us to print and send you copies of these email Jon).

Mapping 5 Mapping 4 Mapping 3 Mapping 1Mapping 2


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