Since 2010 we have been working with skateboarders, freerunners, BMXers and scooterists to better understand their version of the city. Our primary methodology has been participatory mappings informed by post-representational cartography.

The links above will take you to various projects and events which form part of our ongoing research.

Latest (22nd May, 2017): NWN’s Young Writers’ City

Latest (13th March, 2017): Mapping at Benfield School

Latest (12 Sept, 2016): Mapping the City @ Juice 2016

Latest (20th July, 2016): En_counter secrets video

Latest (5th July, 2016): Mapping at Swalwell Primary School

Latest (22nd June, 2016): Dogtown by DAD? skate crew

Latest (27th May, 2016): The Holy Biscuit have blogged about the En_counter exhibition

Latest (16th May, 2016): En_counter exhibition


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