Since 2010 we have been working with young people to better understand their version of the city. Our primary methodology has been participatory mappings informed by post-representational cartography.

The links above will take you to various projects and events which form part of our ongoing research. Please note, most of our recent updates can be found at mappingthecity.net

Latest (6th June, 2019): Mapping with Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Latest (10th April, 2019): Geographical Association Conference

Latest (November, 2017): Mapping at Space 2 again

Latest (July, 2017): Back Mapping at Swalwell

Latest (22nd May, 2017): NWN’s Young Writers’ City

Latest (13th March, 2017): Mapping at Benfield School

Latest (12 Sept, 2016): Mapping the City @ Juice 2016

Latest (20th July, 2016): En_counter secrets video

Latest (5th July, 2016): Mapping at Swalwell Primary School

Latest (22nd June, 2016): Dogtown by DAD? skate crew

Latest (27th May, 2016): The Holy Biscuit have blogged about the En_counter exhibition

Latest (16th May, 2016): En_counter exhibition

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